Scholarship Program

The Brookings Flying Club (BFC) provides financial scholarships to local graduates to enter a field of study related to an occupation in the aviation industry. The funds are raised during our annual Airport Day event by flying the public who donate to the Scholarship Fund.

The specific purpose of this fund is to:

  • Provide local graduates financial support to enter aviation field of study.
  • Provide incentive for students to enter a career in the aviation industry which is in need of qualified employees in most branches of that industry.

For students to access a scholarship grant they can either submit an application directly on this page or to the Brookings/Harbor Scholarship Foundation.

The BFC welcomes help from any source to interest local graduates in choosing a career in aviation and accept a BFC scholarship to start them on a journey into one of a most satisfying lifetime activity.

Students who graduated high school in Curry or Del Norte counties are eligible to apply.

If you have questions regarding the BFC Scholarship Program, please contact the club using the button at the top of this page. Thank you!

Online Application

Important Airport Day Information

Airport Day is Sunday 10am-5pm weather permitting.

The parking area does not open until around 9:45. Please do not arrive before then.

Helicopter rides typically sell out very fast. Please arrive early if you are interested in a helicopter ride.