Airport Day 2021 will likely be held separate from the Azalea Festival event, later in the summer.

More information will be available soon.

Airport Day requires a lot of advance planning which means we are unable to commit to an event while potential gathering restrictions could be put back in place at any time.

We plan to hold an event this year, but only once it is safe to do so.


Every year on Memorial Day weekend, the town of Brookings holds its Azalea Festival in celebration of a local wild flower, the Azalea. The event lasts the entire weekend, with parades, music, food, and lots of other interesting activities. The Brookings Flying Club holds their annual Airport Day on Sunday of that weekend.

Stop by to learn about aviation, your local airport, and ask how you too can become a pilot.

Depending on availability, an air ambulance helicopter may be present for people to look at. Several other static display aircraft may be at the airport at different times during the day.

The club will offer plane rides to the public for $25 per person. The minimum age for riders is age 3. For safety reasons, riders must be capable of boarding the aircraft without assistance and operating a seatbelt. The club uses a reservation system that has worked very well. A time slot is assigned to the ticket holder, and they can wander and do other things, and not have to stand in a long line. The rides are very popular.

Helicopter rides will be provided by Cal-Or Life Flight for $50 per person.

The Brookings Flying Club puts on this annual event to help promote and stimulate community interest and involvement in aviation, to promote aviation safety, to ensure the continued viability of facilities at the Brookings Airport, and to provide educational opportunities for the youth of Curry County through a scholarship program. One of the many goals of the Brookings Flying Club is to interest youth in pursuing an aviation career. Accordingly, the Brookings Flying Club provides scholarships for students seeking an education in that field. For more information, please visit the “Scholarship Program” page under “Aviation Resources”.