Meet the Brookings Flying Club

Meet the Brookings Flying Club

The Brookings Flying Club is a non-profit 501(c)(7) membership organization located in Brookings, Oregon. We're a group of people who have come together to pool our time and resources into an organization that can most effeceively provide the things we'd all like to see in aviation - including affordable aircraft rental, comfortable spaces at the airport, and helping others get into the hobby and potential career field of aviation.

The club has existed in some form continiuously since the late 1960s, and is the core of the Brookings aviation community.

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 302
Brookings, Oregon 97415

Our physical address is:

17330 Parkview Drive
Hangar 6
Brookings, Oregon 97415

What's a flying club, anyway?


A flying club is an organization governed by its membership and elected board of directors that comes together to pool its resources to make aviation more affordable, and other missions as decided by its membership. Together, we're able to own a hangar, airplane, and more - something that many of us could never dream of or justify on our own.

The club usually meets monthly (usually, on the 2nd Wednesday, at 6:30, in the Brookings Airport Terminal Building, but this is subject to change). Check our club calendar for more information. We welcome guests at our general club meetings. Stop by, ask some questions, meet our team - we'd love to meet you!

Membership is a rewarding experience that not only grants you access to the club's resources, but allows you to become a part of our mission and activities. We're always taking applications for new members! To learn more about our membership options, please use the button!

Meet the Board of Directors

Kyle Rice

Kyle Rice


Joined Club: 2016
Joined Board: 2017
President Since: 2021

Kyle Owns Triook, a local IT business. He first started flying in 2016. Kyle frequently pushes for integration of new technologies into the club and the club aircraft to enhance safety and member experience.



Doug Hanson

Doug Hanson

Vice President

Joined Club: 2019
Joined Board: 2020
Vice President Since: 2021

Doug learned to fly in 1974, making a career move as a flight instructor in 1994. He has approximately 8,000 flight hours and holds an FAA Gold Seal Instrument Flight Instructor certificate. Doug brings years of aviation experience from his former home in the Seattle area.

Peter Flanderka

Peter Flanderka


Joined Club: 2019
Joined Board: 2020
Treasurer Since: 2020

Peter brings many years of business experience to the club, after his long and successful career as an attorney. He is relatively new to flight, gaining his private pilot license in 2022, but now owns his own Cirrus aircraft.

Alan Nidiffer

Alan Nidiffer


Joined Club: (missing)
Joined Board: (missing)
Secretary Since: (missing)

For privacy reasons, Alan has elected not to provide biographical information for the website at this time.

Greg Ketell

Greg Ketell

Member at Large

Joined Club: 2020
Joined Board: 2023
M.A.L. Since: 2023

For privacy reasons, Greg has elected not to provide biographical information for the website at this time.

Any member can run for board member election!

Ask a board member for more information. Elections each winter, terms run each calendar year.

Meet the club's aircraft, N738DE

A 1977 Cessna 172N Skyhawk

WAAS GPS Navigation

with a garmin GNS 430W

ADS-B In and Out

with a Garmin GTX345

Garmin FlightStream

Bluetooth Interface

Digital Engine Monitor


Dual Garmin G5s

No Vacuum System

All LED Lighting

Extreme brightness

VFR and IFR equipped and certified

Full Specs and Equipment:

Current as of September, 2022. Subject to change.

  • Dual Garmin G5s - ADI and HSI
    • Equipped with OAT probe for temperature display and winds aloft computation
    • Both G5s have independent backup batteries installed
    • The G5s have glideslope capabilities for ILS/LPV approaches
  • CGR-30P Digital Engine Monitor
  • Garmin GNS430W Navigator
    • Equipped with a Garmin FlightStream 210 Bluetooth Interface
  • Garmin GNC255A COM2/NAV2 Radio
    • NAV2 CDI also has glideslope capabilities
  • Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
    • Full 4-place intercom system
    • Dual radio PTT (pilot and co-pilot)
  • Garmin GTX345 Transponder with ADS-B In and Out (dual band in, 1090ES out)
  • 406MHz ELT with GPS
  • Advanced lighting systems
    • 3 LED landing lights
      • Nose landing light is a Whelen Parmetheus G3 PAR46
      • Wingtip landing lights are Whelen Parmetheus Plus PAR36 and equipped with a pulse system
    • LED Wingtip nav/strobe lights (Whelen Orion 650)
    • LED Tail Light (Whelen Orion 500)
    • LED Beacon (Whelen Orion 360)
    • LED interior lighting with enchanced map light
  • Front seats have inertial reel (car style) seatbelts
  • Rosen sun visors
  • FAA Approved life jacket under each seat
  • Fire extenguisher
  • 24v Electrical System
  • Vertical card compass
  • 160HP Lycoming O-320-H2AD engine

How does member "rental" work?

Members simply reserve the aircraft on a first come, first serve basis. The "rental rate" is per Hobbs hour, wet (including fuel). Members simply log their usage of the aircraft in the BFC systems, and will receive a bill for their usage each month.

Availability is generally very good, especially for flights scheduled more than 1-2 days out. Even still, one can typically schedule a flight same day the vast majority of the time.

Members can receive a discount for pre-purchasing aircraft time. See by-laws addendum A for more information.