Brookings Flying Club General Meeting

Brookings Airport, Brookings, OR

July 12, 2023


Call to order: Doug called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM. 


Reading of Minutes: The April 2023 minutes were read and stand as read.


    1. Fuel Farm Manager 
      1. Oregon Weights and Measures recently certified meters
      2. The Hand pump is intermittently working on the 100LL tank, call repair
    2. Airplane Maintenance.  
      1. Series of mag checks that are initially poor, but able to be cleared with leaning.  Thin wire plug(s) coming
    3. Treasurer Report
      1. Account balances were reported.
      2. Good cash position for recent fuel purchases
  • Youth Committee and Scholarship
    1. No notes

Old Business:

  1. Airport day debrief
    1. Hangar activities seemed positive, 62 paper airplanes made
    2. Airplane refueling on ramp went well
    3. Ride line was much too long / no shade
    4. Food booth was very busy, mostly sold out of burgers/dogs.  Some leftover cookies/snacks
    5. Shirt/hats did well, hoodies did not
    6. Point of sale kept dropping orders/missed orders

New Business:

  1. Hangar door seized again, top track warped.  Look at new doors being built


Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM


Respectfully submitted by Alan Nidiffer