Brookings Flying Club General Meeting

Brookings Airport, Brookings, OR

February 10, 2021


Call to order: President Kyle Rice called the meeting to order.  This is a virtual meeting


Reading of Minutes: The minutes from January were presented and stand as read.      


Officer Reports:


  1. VP Comments.  
    1. None noted
  2. Fuel Farm Manager 
    1. Alan Nidiffer reported the fuel farm is in good working order.  
    2. We are in need of a 100LL fuel load, watching cash position closely.
    3. Need additional fuel checkers
    4. 100LL system appears to have a small leak at a junction in the hardline between the filter and the meter.
    5. Jet A system needs new flex hose between the meter and the reel
  3. Airplane Maintenance.  
    1. It is noted that the prop on the club plane has been sent out due to rock damage.
  4. Treasurer & Scholarship Committee Leader
    1. We have a low cash position with recent expenditures.  Will be keeping a close eye on expenses and timing with cash availability.
    2. May need to move cash from investments to cover fuel purchase
    3. Revisiting rental rate with Henry (accountant)

Old Business:

  1. Discussion of Youth in Aviation Program.  Rosie as committee chair – discussion on makeup of committee as well as a discussion on previous youth airport field trips.
  2. COVID protocols were discussed and no changes made


New Business:

  1. Flight instruction committee report.  It was noted that the airplane was done for propeller repair.  Doug is committee chair, would like to revisit safety programs during regular club meetings.
  2. The subject of in-person vs virtual meetings was discussed.  How and when should we return to in-person?  Looking at April as a possibility.
  3. PAC committee meeting update with Nelson reporting.  2 proposals for airport improvements were submitted to the city, but with costs over 40 million.  There will be a followup meeting in 2 months


Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Alan Nidiffer