Brookings Flying Club General Meeting

Brookings Airport, Brookings, OR

January 9, 2019

Call to order: President Nelson Sprague called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Reading of Minutes: December minutes were read and approved         

Officer Reports:

  1. VP Comments.  
  2. Fuel Farm Manager
    1. Alan Nidiffer reported the fuel farm is in good working order.  
    2. 8,000 gallon Jet Fuel order received last week.
    3. Placards needed for waste fuel barrels
  3. Airplane Maintenance.  
    1. Annual and 100 hour inspection recently completed
    2. A test flight revealed a vibration, airplane grounded until cause determined
    3. New LED lights need further modifications to operate correctly
    4. ADS-B and NAV/COM #2 install pending this month
  4. Treasurer & Scholarship Committee Leader
    1. Bill reports no scholarship applications
    2. Transition underway to new Treasurer, George Luks

Old Business:

New Business:

  1. Hangar cleanup committee needed to organize club hangar space
  2. It was suggested that club instructors standardize training curriculum.
  3. An Accurate membership list has been created.
    1. 21 Flying members
    2. 27 Non-Flying members
    3. 48 members total
  4. It was suggested the club compete and investor profile and consider changing investment strategy with invested funds at Edward Jones.
  5. The idea of formal membership cards was discussed
  6. New member application for Derek Wood was approved
  7. Kyle suggested a youth program to encourage kids interest in flying.  Are there volunteers to help?
  8. Kyle seeking input on  member survey content
  9. Jay Trost gave an update from the City of Brookings on airport operations
    1. Water system improvements
    2. Engagement of an engineering firm for an updated airport master plan
    3. Working on removing the resident Mooney from the west side of the field
    4. Beginning a hangar waiting list with the city.
    5. General message of open lines of communication

Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Alan Nidiffer