REGULAR MEETING – June 13, 2018

Held at the Brookings Airport Terminal



CALL TO ORDER:               6:30 p.m. by President Nelson Sprague


OFFICERS PRESENT:        Nelson Sprague President

Kyle Rice Vice President

Bill Coons Treasurer


13 additional members were also present


Minutes from the May 9, 2018 meeting were read by Vice President Kyle Rice

Minutes stand as read


New members were introduced




Fuel Farm Manager Report:

  • Fuel Farm Manager Alan Nidiffer was not present
  • President Nelson Sprague reported:
    • 4800 gallons Jet A at current price of $3.85 members/$4.85 non-members $2.00 profit
    • 3500 gallons low lead at current price of $5.05 members/$5.30 non-members $0.94 profit


Aircraft Maintenance Manager Report:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manager Lee Garvin was not present
  • Current maintenance underway – to be completed by Saturday June 16rh
  • Work completed and/or to be completed include:
    • New tires
    • Brakes
    • Magneto
    • Spark plugs
    • Harness


  • President Nelson suggested sending an oil sample for analysis as part of this maintenance process
  • Need halon fire extinguisher – Vice President Kyle to order
  • Estimated cost for completed annual = $4500 parts and $2000 labor


Treasurer’s Report presented by Bill Coons

  • Checking balance $35,710.98
  • CD $100,096.90
    • Treasurer Bill Coons will research and modify to higher risk investment
  • Scholarship $15,079.37
  • Profit from Airport Day was $3757.00 including $300 from Dan Brattain from helicopter rides
  • Distributed new fuel cards



  • Received one application from Manufacturing Engineering Student
    • To be discussed/ approved at next meeting



  • Airport Day
    • President Nelson thanked everyone that helped make this year’s event a success
    • Weather was perfect; 206 cars; 173 aircraft rides; 50 helicopter rides; decent food sales
    • Suggestions for next year:
      • Need more volunteers
      • Volunteer briefing of expectations prior to start of event
      • Consistent time schedule
      • More aircraft
      • Another helicopter
      • Move food closer to take off/landing area for increased visibility/sales
    • Send any additional suggestions to President Nelson
    • Received compliments on parade float/Parade was nice advertisement for the club
      • Consider entering again next year?


  • Need volunteer to manage fence take down and storage


  • Fuel Farm water testing update, requirements
    • Installation of new hose will be done Friday June 15th 7 a.m. – volunteers needed




  • Airport ownership transition:
    • Directors met with Teri Davis new airport manager, and incoming city manager Janell Howard.
    • Teri Davis requested an airport tour – scheduled for next Monday at 10 a.m.
    • Will relate the following recommendations to her:
      • Mowing
      • Sweeping
      • painting of taxi way lines and tie down spots
      • abandoned Mooney
      • hangar lease status
      • water at hangars
      • terminal building maintenance
      • airport lighting
      • Any more? Please let President Nelson know before Monday


  • Aircraft upgrades for DE
    • Will be addressed after current maintenance is completed
    • Currently 10% of fuel profits are being set aside in separate airplane maintenance account for these type expenses
      • Current balance $258


  • Fuel price error
    • CPA discovered major fuel pricing error resulting in between a  $9000 and $10,000 loss to the club
      • The board accepted their offer of six months free accounting and $700 tax filing fees to compensate for their miscalculation
      • The club will implement closer tracking in the future


  • FAA program regarding low lead fuel on permanent “hold”


  • Family picnic being planned for July 7th or 8th
    • Bar-b-Que to use up leftover supplies from airport day
    • President Nelson to send out e-mail to club with details


  • Offer to purchase airport jacks not currently being used by the club
    • Bill Coons will look into price and board will discuss request


  • Bill coons to check on status of completing roof overhang as part of recent roof repair


  • It was suggested we add a list of hangars for sale on our web site


  • Reminder of upcoming Drone Class June 26 and 29 at SWOCC


  • Club may consider another ground school class for the fall


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:22 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by Rosie Hoxeng, Secretary Pro Tem