Brookings Flying Club General Meeting

Brookings Airport, Brookings, OR

September 13, 2017


Call to order: President Nelson Sprague called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Members and Guests Present: no notes


Reading of Minutes: August minutes were read and approved           


Officer Reports:

  1. Fuel Farm Manager Alan Nidiffer reported the Jet Meter has been replaced.  Alan also met with a representative from World Fuel and will now be in more regular contact with the fuel company now that they have a rep for our area.  New ground reel will be ordered.  We have sold approx 7,000 of Jet Fuel during the Chetco Bar Fire.  Fuel levels are being closely monitored.


  1. Airplane Maintenance.  
    1. No Squaks reported.  Aircraft is ready to fly.


  1. Treasurer & Scholarship Committee Leader
    1. No report

Old Business:

  1. Water service to the airport is progressing.  Pipes have been placed and we are waiting for the final connections to be complete
  2. The possible airport ownership transition to the City of Brookings is still under discussion between the two sides.
  3. The Navy fuel bill is still not complete.  Nelson has the contact information he will pursue

New Business:

  1. The date for the annual club picnic and flour drop is set for October 11 at the airport.  Alan will head up the invitations
  2. Hangar roof repairs will happen when Edwards Roofing is available.
  3. Don Blue has sold his hangar and airplane.  The club will need a new mechanic for the next annual to the airplane
  4. Kyle reported a new glass cockpit option for the Cessna 172 is due to be released soon.  This is noted as a possible upgrade to the plane in the future.  The cost is $18,000.
  5. The need to install the blinds in the terminal building was brought up.  
  6. Kyle proposed a survey be sent out the club asking member opinions on various activities and fees

Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Alan Nidiffer