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Brookings, OR From the Air
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Brookings, Oregon with the mouth of the Chetco River emptying into the Pacific Ocean. The airport is in the upper left corner of the picture.

The Brookings Airport Day is held in May each year.  Click here for more info and photo galleries from previous years. 

The Brookings Flying Club is Located at the Brookings Airport (BOK) in the very southwest corner of Oregon on the coast just 10 miles north of the California border in the town of Brookings, Oregon. It is evenly spaced between the Crescent City Airport, (McNamara Field) to the south in Crescent City, California, and the Gold Beach Municipal Airport to the north in Gold Beach, Oregon. The airport is located 1 mile NE of Brookings. Field elevation is 459 feet. The airport caretaker lives on field, and he can be reached at 541-469-4217. You can find a Taxi at 541-469-7007.

The club operates the fuel concession at the airport. 100LL and JetA are available. New above ground tanks were installed in 2000. Fuel is self serve, available 24 hours a day. The runway is 2,900' x 65', and is paved, with pilot activated lighting. Unicom is 122.8, and pattern altitude is 1,460'. Traffic is left traffic for runway 30 and right traffic for runway 12.

The KBOK AWSS ("Automated Weather Sensing System") is now operational.  Up-to-the-minute airport weather observations are available via:
Telephone: (541) 412-8682
Radio: 132.025 MHz
Internet: NOAA Aviation Weather Center   Updated hourly.

The club owns a 1978 Cessna 172N Skyhawk. The club is very active in flying instruction. The plane is used for both student instruction and member rental.  It sports a new paint job done in January 2003 and a new re-manufactured engine installed in July 2005.

The club always welcomes new members. There are two types of membership. Click on this link to find out more detail.  Flying membership and Non flying membership.

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, the town of Brookings holds its Azalea Festival in celebration of a local wild flower, the Azalea. The event lasts the entire weekend, with parades, music, food, and lots of other interesting activities. The Brookings Flying Club holds their annual Airport Day on Sunday of that weekend. This year it will be held on May 24, 2015.  The club will offer plane rides to the public for $20 per person. Kids under 14 accompanied by 2 adults will fly for free.  The club uses a reservation system that has worked very well.  A time slot is assigned ticket holder, and they can wander and do other things, and not have to stand in a long line.   The rides are very popular. Helicopter rides will be provided by Cal-Or Life Flight for $40 per person. A few years ago we had three T-28 Trojans arrive in formation, doing several low passes before landing and going on display all day.  All are welcome. There is no charge for the admission, but the Civil Air Patrol will ask for a $2 donation for autos. If you fly in, it's free. 

Brigadier General Chuck Yeager gave an hour talk for the Young Eagles Day to about 400 kids and adults at the Brookings Airport on Sunday, March 9, 2003. Young Eagle rides were to be given after the talk, but high wind, rain and fog forced the rides to be held at a date to be announced. For more info click here.

The club is also involved with kids.  A Scholarship is given to a local student each year from money generated from the airport day.  Click here for a Scholarship Application. The club is now working with the Big World of Flight, an organization from the state of Washington to introduce kids to aviation, and becoming involved with the Young Eagles program.

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