Brookings Airport WiFi

Now Available!

The Brookings Flying Club provides WiFi service in the vicinity of the primary ramp area, including the main entrance gate, the terminal building, the fuel area, the tie down ramp, and several hangars. The coverage may be expanded in the future depending on demand. The SSID (network name) for non-members is “Brookings Airport”, and no password is required to connect. You may be asked a challenge question upon connecting to prove you are a part of the aviation community. The SSID (network name) for members is “BFC-Members”, and the password is posted in the club hangar above and to the left from the computer.

Brookings Flying Club members receive free unlimited access included with their membership.

Non-members receive a limited amount of data per month, at a reduced speed, prioritized below member traffic.

We believe that by providing this WiFi access to the hangar owners, pilots, and guests of Brookings Airport that we are making an important step forward in bringing our airport up to modern standards.

If you have any questions about the airport WiFi program, please contact the club webmaster via the “Contact the Club” page.